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October 24, 2021

Difference between neuromodulators (ie. Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau) and Filler (ie. Juevederm, Restylane, Belotero, Radisesse, Bellafill):

Neuromodulators are injections strategically placed to help prevent a muscle to able to fully contract, thus reducing the ability for the injected area to cause lines with movement (these are called dynamic rhytids). Often these are placed in the forehead and around the eyes (bye bye crows feet!), but can also be injected in other areas of the lower face. Usually you can start feeling the effects in 3-5 days, but it can take up to 2 weeks to fully settle, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Fillers, on the other hand, address volume loss that tends to lead to lines at rest (static rhytids). Unlike lines caused by movement, these types of lines (or even sagging appearance) are typically caused by exogenous factors like UV exposure and smoking (genetics also play a role- thanks mom!). Many of these products usually contain Hylauronic acid, which naturally occurs in the body, and instantly gives the area injected a more youthful or in some cases a more enhanced appearance (think lip injections). Depending on the area injected and desired outcome (with realistic expectations, of course) we can utilize filler to really enhance and even change someone’s appearance without having to go under the knife. While filler injections give you immediate results, there can be slight swelling and there is always risk of bruising, so be sure not to schedule right before any major event.

At Pure Elegance MedSpa & Skin Care we tend to take a more conservative approach. In our opinion, often less is more. We love to sit, analyze, and discuss the best treatment plan for you personally, as no two people are alike. Whether it be your first time or twentieth, it’s important to know we take pride in making you look and feel your best. Schedule a consult today and we can find the best options for you


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